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Musical Artist Jamie Cutler Harper Albums:: Pepperoni Pizza 1 With Everything, Alligator Alley, Flying Ninety Niners, Love Looks Good On You, Legacy of Love Genres: Country, Pop

Record labels: Canadian American Records-car-20 | Dist.by Canadian American| Canadian American/Caprice International | Caprice International Records |Starcut Records/The Orchard


I've been making music for as long as I can remember talking and breathing. My Dad Herman Cutler put a guitar in my hands at the age of four and I fell in love with the feeling and the sound of the guitar.
I'm still writing and singing and playing in Nashville.

Award Winning

Jamie Cutler Harper has become a legendary lady for CAPRICE RECORDS,with many awards, hit singles and several albums.

Playwrite & Director

"I've also been writing plays and directing here in Nashville."
I used to act and teach acting in Miami and appeared in such Movies and Television shows like Miami Vice, Porky's, Burn Notice, Bachelor Party, Fun House, and Badge 393. I directed the production of Angels Without Wings in Nashville at the Dark Horse Theatre.

Acting comes easy

Jamie is quite an accomplished performer of many talents.
She has directed as well as acted in her career.
Below are just some of the films she has appeared in.

  • Miami Vice

    She was an acting teacher for Sandra Santiago and Don Johnson of the hit television series "Miami Vice" and later became the casting coach for that show.

  • Porky's

    Jamie is seen in various roles as she takes on different characters in Porky's.

  • Promises, Promises

    Playing "Woman's Role" in the Broadway, Bus & Truck, Coconut Grove, Parker Playhouse, Fla. production of Promises, Promises.

  • Jacques Brel Is Alive

    Performing 1st Lead in the Florida production of Jacques Brel Is Alive in Well and Living in Paris @ the Forum Dinner Thea. Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

  • Fun House

    As a happy-go-lucky fairgoer, she is both natural and eye catching.

  • Badge 393

    She was Robert Duvall's Puerto Rican girlfriend in Badge 393 with Mike Nichols directing.

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